McLetchie Trichrome

Available in aniline blue or light green, McLetchie Trichrome Stain Kit is:

Trichrome staining is useful in the demonstration of collagen and muscle. Control slides traditionally used for this stain are arteries, kidney, liver and uterus. This procedural modification removes the need to mordant tissue in Bouin Fluid.
The staining technique requires four easy steps and is complete within 15 minutes.
The nuclei stain a dark red as opposed to blue-black in the traditional methods. Clear differentiation should be apparent with this technique.

Kit includes:

250ml kit 500ml kit
Solution A: Biebrich Scarlet-Acid Fuchsin Stain Solution 250ml 500ml
Solution B: Iodine, Weigert & Lugol 250ml 500ml
Solution C: Phosphotungstic Acid 2% Alcoholic 250ml 500ml
Solution D: Aniline Blue Stain Solution 250ml 500ml

Enclosed with this kit are two complimentary positive control slides to be used for the initial verification of staining techniques and reagents. We suggest running one slide along with your in-house positive control slide for the first run. Retain the second slide for further troubleshooting, if needed.

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