Mucicarmine Stains

Available as Stock Stain or Stain Kit

Think brilliant, bright, fuchsia! Whether you've tried our muci before or never have… This reformulation of our Mucicarmine stain will make it as easy as:

  • De-gassing the tap
  • Running the stain
  • Impressing your pathologist

Product Information

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Mucicarmine - Stock Stain Solution
(Shelf Life 6 months. Store @ 4°C)
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Mucin Stain Kit
(Shelf Life 6 months. Store @ 4°C)

   Kit contains:
· Ferric Chloride 250ml
· Hematoxylin Stain Sol., 1% Alcoholic 250ml
· Mucicarmine Stock Stain Sol. 125ml
· Metanil Yellow Stain Sol., 0.25% 250ml x 2
Ordering Information