Air Purifier by IQ Air


Formalin, Xylene & Alcohol fumes GONE!

IQ Air®  Laboratory Filtration Technology

The IQ Air Multi-Gas GC series is the world's most effective compact laboratory air purifier for the control of gaseous chemicals. Just like a professional gas mask, the IQ Air Multi-Gas GC series relies on an interchangeable cartridge design for optimized gaseous pollutant control. While molecular control is a particular strength of these systems, the IQ AirMulti-Gas GC series also offers excellent filtration efficiency for particles.

Thanks to its cartridges, the IQ Air Multi-Gas GC series are able to meet almost any moderate gas phase removal need for laboratory environments. 

IQ Air GC MultiGas Air Filtration Series

(for control of wide range of gaseous organic and inorganic chemicals: including alcohol, xylene & formalin and more!)

GC Series: Weight is approx. 44 lbs., dimensions H 28" x W 15" x D 16"
air purifier chemical vapor removal

Multi Gas GC Series Air Purifier

IQ Air Multi-Gas Filtration System, GC (Filters are included):

Removes Xylene, Alcohol & Formalin. Excellent choice for general lab needs!

Part # ST1CCUB0HGBeach $1,299.00 
IQ Air Multi-Gas Cartridge, GC (Replacement Filters):

This is the cartridge pack for the Multi-Gas Unit.

Part # ST1024016004/pk $295.00 
Pre-Filter HEPA, GC (Replacement Filter):

Micro- and Nano-particle Filtration (HEPA) Eliminates micro- and nano-particles such as allergens, smoke, bacteria and viruses. This thorough particle pre-filtration is essential for extending the life of the gas phase control media by preventing its pores from clogging with particulates.

Part # ST102101200each $78.00 
Post Filter Sleeves, GC (Replacement Sleeves):

Micro-charged Filtration (Post Filter Sleeves) Eliminates activated carbon and chemisorption abrasion particles through a statically charged fiber structure.

Part # ST1025010004/pk $95.00