• Shelf Life is one year from date manufactured unless otherwise stated.
  • Store at 15-30°C unless otherwise stated.






   Formaldehyde 37 - 40%, ACS Concentrated formaldehyde with methyl alcohol stabilizer 1089

   Formalin 10%, Phosphate Buffered

  (Available in Vials)

Traditional all purpose fixative 1090
   Formalin 23%, Phosphate Buffered Higher strength buffered formula for whole brain specimens 1091
   Zinc Formalin, Unbuffered Zinc Sulfate Excellent fixative to preserve nuclear detail 1482
   Formalin, Alcoholic, 10/90 Alcoholic formula for rapid penetration 10932
   Formalin, Alcoholic, 20/80 Alcoholic formula for rapid penetration 10933
   Paraformaldehyde 10%, Buffered Methyl alcohol free formaldehyde and electron microscopy 13301

Hematopoetic Fixatives

   AZF  Fixative - Acetic Zinc Formalin

   (Available in Vials)

Proven substitute for hazardous mercury based fixatives 1009
   B-5 Fixative Modified, Zinc Chloride Mercury free formula for hematopoetic specimens 1015
   Zenker Fixative, Modified, Zinc Chloride  Mercury free formula for hematopoetic specimens and mordant for PTAH stain 1461
   Alcohol, Methanol Anhydrous, ACS Blood smears 12236


   Bouin Fluid  Picric Acid based  fixative good for GI biopsies and as a mordant for trichrome staining 1020
   Davidson (Hartmann's) Fixative Formalin alcohol acetic acid formula 1045
   Lymph Node Grossing Aid Special fixative to assist in the visualization of lymph nodes  1093

   Hollande Fixative

  (Available in Vials)

Picric Acid based fixative good for GI biopsies  1208
   Differential Stain Fixative Methanol based fixative for metachromatic stain 10523
   Formic Acid 96%, ACS Post fixation inactivation of CJD virus 10943 
   Formalin 10%, in Saline Floatation techniques for ova and parasites 10912B


   Carson Modified Millonig Formalin Classic Carson - Millonig buffer with NaOH 12445
   Glutaraldehyde 50%, Reagent Concentrated glutaraldehyde 1123

   Karnovsky Fixative 

  (Available in Vials)

EM fixative, Formol- Glutaraldehyde  1215
   Karnovsky Fixative, Phosphate Buffered  EM fixative, Formol- Glutaraldehyde fully buffered 12158
   Zamboni Fixative EM fixative with picric acid also has light microscopy applications 1459


   Saccomano Collection Fluid Standard cytology fixative 1361

Transport Media (Non Fixative)

   Michel Transport Medium Preserves morphology & antigenicity during transport of tissues 1242
   Michel Wash Solution Used to rinse transport medium from tissue prior to freezing 1243


H = Hazardous

Mercury Substitutes

AZF Fixative

AZF Fixative

Part # 1009A1 L $23.20 
Part # 1009B1 gal $76.40 
Part # 1009C20 L cube $104.10 

AZF Fixative Vial

40 ml vial with 20 ml fill:
Part # 10091D100/cs $138.00 

B-5 Fixative Modified, Zinc Chloride

1 - 5:
Part # 1015A1 L $47.30 
6 or more:
Part # 1015A1 L $41.50 
Part # 1015C1 gal $93.70 

Zenker Fixative, Modified, Zinc Chloride

No Mercury!

Part # 1461A1 L $43.00 
Part # 1461B1 gal $107.00 

Electron Microscopy


Carson Modified Millonig Formalin

Part # 12445A1 gal $10.10 
Part # 12445C20 L cube $49.10 

Carson Mod. Millonig Formalin Vials

30 ml vial, 15 ml fill:
Part # 12445E100/cs $62.50 

Glutaraldehyde 50%, Reagent Grade

(use: Electron Microscopy)

Part # 1123A500 ml $108.60H

Karnovsky Fixative

(use: EM; Rapid penetration, esp. neurological tissues.) Paraformaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde & NaOH.

(Shelf Life 6 mos. Store @ 4°C.)

Part # 1215A1 L $117.90 
Part # 1215B1 gal $223.00 

Karnovsky Fixative Vial

(Shelf Life 6 mos. Store @ 4°C.)

30 ml vial, 15 ml fill:
Part # 12151A50/cs $263.30 

Karnovsky Fixative, Phosphate Buffered

(Shelf Life 6 mos. Store @ 4° C.)

Part # 12158A1 L $273.00 

Zamboni Fixative

(use: Light & Electron Microscopy.)

Part # 1459A1 L $92.20 

Bulk Volumes


Formalin 10%, Phosphate Buffered

Along with offering formalin vials in multiple sizes, we also sell bulk volumes of 10% buffered formalin in 4 x 1 gallon cases and 20 liter (5 gallon) cubes.

Part # 1090N1 gal $11.00 
Part # 1090N4 or more $8.80 
Part # 1090K20 L cube $37.10 
Form C Formalin Concentrate

Formalin Concentrate Form-C (Buffered)

Dilute 1 part concentrate to 4 parts DI Water.  One gallon of concentrate makes 5 gallons of 10% NBF.   Thoroughly mixes in 30 seconds.


  • Reduces shipping costs!
  • Saves 80% of valuable storage space!
  • Already Buffered!


Part # ABFORM-044 x 1 gal/cs $118.00 

AZF Fixative Bulk Volumes


Click here for part numbers and pricing.  These products are located in our B-5 Mercury Substitute section.



Formaldehyde 37-40%, ACS

Part # 1089A500 ml $19.30H
Part # 1089C1 gal $45.20H
Part # 1089B20 L cube $84.90H

Fomalin, Alcoholic, 10/90

Part # 10932A4 x 1 gal $86.80H
Part # 10932B20 L cube $86.80H

Formalin, Alcoholic, 20/80

Part # 10933A4 x 1 gal $75.80H
Part # 10933B20 L cube $90.30H

Formalin 23%, Phosphate Buffered

(use: CNS tissue e.g. large animal brains.)

Part # 1091A1 gal $24.30H
Part # 1091C10 L cube $59.10H

Formalin 10%, in Saline

(use: Used in floatation techniques for ova and parasites.)

Part # 10912B1 gal $33.60 

Lymph Node Grossing Aid (Formaldehyde in Ethanol, Acetic Acid)

(use: Enhances gross visibility of lymph nodes in large resections.)

Part # 1093A4 x 1 gal $126.20H
Part # 1093B20 L cube $133.20H


Formalin Vial 10%, Phosphate Buffered

Formalin Vial 10%, Phosphate Buffered

Highest quality vials & lids.

20 ml vials with a 10 ml fill (O-ring vials):
Part # 1090A100/cs $29.00 
32 oz. vials with a 500 ml fill (Flat Lid Vials):
Part # 1090E9/cs $23.10 
2 L vials with a 1 L fill (Flat Lid Vials):
Part # 1090F4/cs $16.10 

Disposal Products

formalin neutralizer formalex green

Formalex GREEN Formalin Neutralizer

Liquid Neutralizer for Formalin Waste.  Easily and safely neutralize formalin waste to a non-hazardous, non-toxic solution for sink disposal. The improved formula eliminates any sludgy residue and does not require any pH adjustment. It contains no phosphates and is non-vapor forming. Use spray bottle for easy clean of small spills!  (32 ounces of Formalex-Green will neutralize one gallon of spent formalin)

CLICK HERE for part number and pricing

formalin neutralizer form-zero form zero

FORM-ZERO Formalin Neutralizer

Powder Neutralizer for Formalin Waste A unique powder reagent blend that quickly neutralizes formaldehyde & glutaraldehyde for sink disposal in 20 minutes! One bottle will neutralize one gallon of 10% formalin or 4% glutaraldehyde. No pH adjustment required.

CLICK HERE For part number and pricing

Michel Transport Medium


Michel Transport Medium

(use: Preserves morphology & antigenicity during transport of tissues.)

Store @ 4°C.

Part # 1242A500 ml $47.30 
Part # 1242BI L $65.10 
Part # 1242C1 gal $149.80 

Michel Transport Medium Vial

(use: Preserves morphology & antigenicity during transport of tissues.)

Store @ 4°C.

30 ml vial, 15 ml fill:
Part # 12423C50/cs $77.60 
20 ml vial, 10 ml fill:
Part # 12423D100/cs $104.00 

Michel Wash Solution

(Store @ 4°C.)

Part # 1243A500 ml $38.80 
Part # 1243B1 L $49.60 
Part # 1243C1 gal $131.90 



Saccomanno Collection Fluid

Part # 1361B1 gal $30.90H
60 ml vial, 30 ml fill (O-ring Lid):
Part # 1361D50/cs $86.80H

Other Fixatives


Bouin Fluid

Part # 1020A1 L $36.50 
Part # 1020B1 gal $74.10 
Part # 1020C20 L cube $149.50 

Bouin Fluid Vial

"O-ring" lid for better transport. Ship Ground Only.

Safety Overview - Click Here

40 ml vials, 20 ml fill:
Part # 10201B100/cs $144.70 
60 ml vials, 20 ml fill:
Part # 10201E72/cs $107.60 
60 ml vials, 40 ml fill:
Part # 10201C72/cs $114.60 

Davidson Fixative

Part # 1045A1 gal $100.30H

Differential Stain Fixative

Part # 10523A500ml $31.40H
Part # 10523B1 gal $76.70H

Formic Acid 96%, ACS


  • Shelf Life is 2 years from date of manufacture.


Part # 10943A250 ml $33.40H
Part # 10943B500 ml $64.20H
Part # 10943C2 L $171.50H

Hollande Fixative

(use: Recommended for GI Biopsies.)

Part # 1208A1 L $57.90 
Part # 1208B1 gal $133.30 

Methanol Anhydrous, ACS

(use: Fixative for blood smears.)

Part numbers and pricing are located in our Alcohol Section, CLICK HERE


Paraformaldehyde 10%, Buffered

(use: Cell flow fixation.)

Part # 13301A500 ml $87.80 
Part # 13301B1 L $108.90 
Part # 13301C1 gal $262.70 

Wright Stain Fixative

See Methanol in our Alcohol Section.

Part numbers and pricing are located in our Alcohol Section, CLICK HERE


Zinc Formalin Fixative

(use: On auto processor or as a prefixative. Working solution. Replacement for Zinc Formalin Sensitizer in Steiner-Chapman Stain.)

Part # 1482A1 L $13.20 
Part # 1482B1 gal $22.40 
Part # 1482C20 L $86.80