Formalin Disposal

Formalin sink disposal made easy, safe and cost effective for laboratories!

Formalex Green Formalin Liquid Neutralizer

Formalex GREEN Formalin Neutralizer

(Ships Ground Only)

Liquid Neutralizer for Formalin Waste:
Part # ABFX-011 gal cube $35.00 
Part # ABFX-2502.5 gal cube $70.00 
Part # ABFX-055 gal cube $125.00 
Part # ABFX-3030 gal drum $648.00 
Part # ABFX-5555 gal drum $998.00 
Form Zero Formalin powder neutralizer

FORM-ZERO Formalin Neutralizer

Form Zero Formalin Neutralizer
Powder Neutralizer 500cc bottle:
Part # ABFZ550-1212/cs $87.00 
Powder Neutralizer 500cc bottle:
Part # ABFZ550-3232/cs $222.40 
Formalex Green Spray Bottle

Formalex Empty Spray Bottle

Formalex Green labeled spray bottle.  Fill it up from one of the Formalex Green cubes and use it for small bench top spills.  Neutralize and destroy the small formalin spill, wipe up with a paper towel and dispose in your regular laboratory trash!  (Your trash won't smell of formalin fumes, because the Formalex Green neutralizes the formalin odor!)

Part # ABFX-32Eeach $12.00 

Replacement Aldehyde Waste Collection Container

Part # ABFRC-250E2.5 gal $12.00 

Replacement Tissue Funnel with Screen

Part # ABFX-FUNeach $12.00